Local Road Rides

 Road Cycling In the Napa Valley

Some of the best riding you can find...

Franz Valley Loop - 18.5 miles  with 1500ft. of Climbing.

This Ride is one of our favorite scenic routes. You will wind through hidden valleys and beautiful open pastures, pass through numerous vineyards, and be treated with some excellent views of Mt. St. Helena. The ride has two main climbs - one on Franz Valley School Road that gains about 900ft, and one on Hwy 128 which gains about 300ft. The rest of the ride is rolling terrain and, with the two climbs, two significant descents.  There is no food along this route.  The majority of it is on country roads.

Map and Cue Sheet


Crystal Springs Out n Back with a Small Loop: 16.35 miles with 300ft. of climbing.

This ride heads south through the valley with a quick peak at one of the many side valleys in Napa County.  From Calistoga you spend about 7 miles on the Silverado trail where you will be inundated with vineyard views.  A couple miles are spent tucked away in a quiet valley behind Glass Mountain that returns you back to the valley floor to head back up north for you're mud bath or massage.


Conn Valley and Back: 30 miles with 600ft. of climbing.

  Very similar scenery as the  Crystal Springs Ride just twice the distance and Elevation.  Spend about 10 miles heading south through the scenic Napa Valley and 10 miles heading back north enjoying everything you missed on the way down. In between these scenic rolling adventures is about 10 miles total of moderate elevation gain and beautiful back country riding out to lake Hennessy and back.

Pope Valley and Back:  50 miles with 2000ft. of climbing.

Plenty of time on the Silverado trail to warm up before you hit the hills.  The bulk of the climbing is done on ink grade road which is very low traffic and about 4.5 miles of up.  Once you descend off the mountain you'll make you're way back to the valley floor to head back north to Calistoga with just a few more rolling hills to cool you down.

Silverado Trail:  50 miles with no more than 700ft. of climbing.

The Silverado Trail extends 25 miles one way from Calistoga to the north edge of Napa. There and back keeps you under 700ft of climbing in that 50mi ride.  Enjoy views of vineyards and amazing wineries for the extent of the ride. Most of the rolling hills are between Calistoga and St. Helena. Use pope st. to access St. Helena, and Oakville Cross rd. for the town of Oakville. Great eateries and stops in both towns.

Old Toll Road:  11 miles with 1400ft. of climbing. 

Enjoy a very scenic European country road just a couple miles outside of town.  Low traffic, high grades.