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Bicycle Service Department

2 Ring Service


Safe and Functional

Air tires to spec

Adjust front/rear derailleur

Adjust front/rear brake

Lube chain/pivot points

Check all fastners

Inspect gear/chain wear

3 Ring Service


Standard Tune Up

2 Ring Service +

Drivetrain scrub/lube

Reset front/rear derailleurs

Reset front/rear brakes

Resurface brake pads

Lube cables/housing

Adjust headset/hubs/BB

Touch-true wheels on bike

Align derailleur hanger

Install new cables/housing +$30

4 Ring Service


3 Ring Service +


Overhaul bottom bracket*

Overhaul hubs*

Overhaul headset

True wheels

Install new cables/housing +$30


Overhaul bottom bracket*

Overhaul hubs*

Overhaul headset

True wheels

Fork or shock tune-up +$45*

Includes installation of new seals/wiper, fresh oil, tuning

5 Ring Service


4 Ring Service +


Complete disassembly/rebuild

Pedals overhauled

Frame washed and waxed

Installation of any parts

New cables/housing installed


Complete disassembly/rebuild

Bleed hydraulic brakes

New cables/housing installed

Complete fork overhaul +$55*

Rear shock overhaul +$50*

Prices for services above do not include parts

*Various brands require additional labor

A la Carte Menu

A list of our most frequent repairs/adjustments. 
If you don't see the job you need done on your bike, please give us a call to inquire.
Labor prices do not include parts. 

Brake reset (mechanical)$10
Brake bleed (hydraulic)$25
Brake cable install & reset$16
Brake cable install & reset + housing install
Brake caliper install (mechanical)$20
Brake system install per wheel: Mechanical / Hydraulic$28 / $38
Brake lever install (mechanical)$15
Brake lever install (road)$45
Brake pad install: Rim / Disc$13 / $15
Brake rotor install (disc)$10

Quick Clean & Lube$30

Bottom bracket service: Threaded / Press-fit$25 / $40
Cassette/Freewheel install$10
Chain install$14
Chainring/Crank install$25
Chainguide install$30
Derailleur install$40
Derailleur cable install & reset$25
Derailleur cable install & reset + housing install$35
Derailleur reset$15
Shifter flush$6
Shifter install$28
Shifter install (road)$45

Electronic drivetrain firmware update$30

Hard Goods - Bar/Saddle/Pedal etc.
Bar install (includes bar tape/grip installation): Road / Mountain$30 / $25
Bar tape install$15
Bar cut to length$25
Grip install$10
Headset: Service / Install$22 / $30
Pedal install$6
Seat install$10
Seatpost cut to length$12
Stem install (some stems may require add'l labor)$16+

Hub adjustment$10
Hub service (some manufacturers require add'l labor)$22+
Rim tape install$10
Spoke replacement (some manufacturers require add'l labor)$25+
Training wheels install (compatability determines price)$15+
Tube/Tire replacement$10-16
Tubeless tire set up: One / Pair (compatability of wheel/tire may determine price)$30 / $50
Wheel true (condition of wheel determines price)$17+

Suspension & Specialty Services
Bleed hydraulic adjustable seatpost$20
Fork service (condition of part determies price)$55+
Rear shock service (condition of part determines price)$45+

Other Items/Accessories
Minimum labor charge for all accessories$8

Basket install$10
Baby seat install$40
Computer install and calibration$15
Fender install: One / Pair$25 / $40
Rack install (mounting process determines price)$15+

Box bike for shipping (does not include shipping, but does include box and packing materials)
Build bike from box (range due to various states of dis-assembly bikes arrive in)