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Meet the team

Brad Suhr - Owner

  • Hometown - Born in NH, grew up in VA, arrived in Calistoga in 2007 via Cable, WI, Gainesville, FL, Breckenridge, CO, and Martha's Vineyard, MA, where he competed in triathlon, duathlon, 12 and 24 hour events, adventure racing, running, road cycling, MTB, and cross-country ski events.  
  • Lives in Calistoga with his wife and 3 daughters
  • 26 years of experience helping people enjoy an active lifestyle through his experience as a business owner, USA triathlon coach, massage therapist, bicycle fitter, and spinning instructor.

Favorite local riding: You name it around here - it's loaded - road and mnt.

Favorite riding destination: French, Swiss, and Italian Alps

Favorite non-biking activities: Playing with my girls, soccer, basketball, golf, hiking, cooking

Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: Sushi Mambo - Mother Clucker roll is top shelf.

Jim Beam - Service Dept Manager

  • Hometown: Calistoga
  • MTB enthusiast and professional mechanic
  • Working at Calistoga Bikeshop for 5 years
  • MTB specialist , E-Bike Enthusiast 

Favorite local riding: Oat Hill Mine Trail,(Slippery Slope) Calistoga

Favorite riding destination: Downieville 

Favorite non-biking activities: playing billiards! 

Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: Local 707  BBQ / THE MEATS!!!

Introducing our exceptional team member, a seasoned bicycle mechanic who not only possesses unparalleled expertise but is also renowned for being an all-around great individual. When it comes to seeking knowledge and assistance for your ride, look no further – he's the go-to person. With a passion for all things cycling, he extends a helping hand with a friendly demeanor, making sure every cycling woe is met with a solution. His dedication to ensuring your cycling experience is top-notch makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Feel confident that whether you're facing a minor hiccup or a major challenge, this outstanding team member is ready to provide the support you need. 

Dave Debuono - Service Dept 

  • Hometown: Fishkill, NY
  • Gravel enthusiast and Flatlander BMX Rider 
  • Working at Calistoga Bikeshop for 1 years/ 12 years in the industry

Favorite local riding: Elsie Allen High School

Favorite riding destination: Newport Beach

Favorite non-biking activities: tinkering with early water cooled Volkswagens 

Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: Palisades Eatery / pulled pork Sando!

Meet Dave DeBuono, the expert in our Service Department, hailing from Thomaston, CT. With 12 years in the industry, Dave has been a valuable asset to Calistoga Bikeshop for the past year. Dave is not just a bike enthusiast; he's a Flatland BMX rider and gravel aficionado. His passion for the sport extends beyond the shop, and he's deeply connected to the local cycling scene. When he's not servicing bikes, you can find him doing tricks on the court at Elsie Allen High School, his favorite local riding spot.

Beyond the local scene, Dave's love for biking takes him to Newport Beach once a year, his preferred riding destination. However, his interests aren't limited to two wheels. Surprisingly, Dave has a knack for tinkering with early water cooled Volkswagens – a quirky non-biking activity that adds an extra layer to his personality. Dave's dedication to his craft, paired with his diverse interests, makes him a dynamic and valuable member of our team. Whether you need bike service or just want to chat about the best trails and local eateries, Dave is your go-to guy at Calistoga Bikeshop.

Trace Denna - Guide / Rentals / Sales 

  • Hometown: Napa CA

  • Adventure Enthusiast

  • Working at Calistoga Bikeshop for 1-year 

    Favorite local riding: Trione-Annadel State Park

    Favorite riding destination: Anywhere on the California Coast 

    Favorite non-biking activities: Scuba diving/ Hiking/ Rock Climbing / Paddle Boarding / Kayaking / Flyfishing   

    Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: BELLA Bakery / Breakfast burrito and a small black coffee 

    Meet Trace Denna, our vibrant newcomer at the bike shop. Despite being new to the industry, Trace's infectious energy and love for outdoor adventures, especially mountain biking, make him a standout addition. His favorite part of the job? Engaging with fellow cyclists and leading guided rides through the scenic mountains around our shop. Trace's enthusiasm extends beyond the shop floor; he's always pumped up to hit the trails and share his passion with the community. If you're seeking someone who embodies the spirit of adventure and is genuinely excited about cycling, Trace Denna is your go-to person. Join him for a guided ride or a chat at the shop – every day with Trace is a new opportunity for cycling fun!


Rob Nelson - Sales / Rentals /Inventory

  • Hometown: Ridgecrest CA

  • Cycling enthusiast

  • Working at Calistoga Bikeshop for 1-year / industry vet.

    Favorite local riding: Skyline Wilderness Park/ Lake Hennessey

    Favorite riding destination: Eastern Sierra / Mojave Desert 

    Favorite non-biking activities: BBQ / Gardening /Live Music

    Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: Calistoga Roastery / Coffee and Bagels

     Meet Rob Nelson, a seasoned professional in the cycling industry who wears multiple hats as a sales, rentals, and inventory expert. With a wealth of experience, Rob is a true industry veteran, bringing 3 decades of knowledge and expertise to our team. Beyond his professional prowess, Rob stands out for his unique passion – he often bike commutes an impressive 50+ miles roundtrip from Napa to Calistoga. This not only showcases his dedication to the cycling world but also speaks volumes about his commitment to sustainable and active living.

Ryan Petersen - Sales / Rentals /Inventory

  • Hometown: Santa Rosa 

  • MTB enthusiast

  • Working at Calistoga Bikeshop for 2 years 

    Favorite local riding: Annadale State Park  

    Favorite riding destination: Utah / Moab  

    Favorite non-biking activities: hiking/ skiing /Live Music

    Favorite Calistoga restaurant and food: Sushi Mambo

     Meet Ryan Petersen, a dedicated member of our Sales, Rentals, and Inventory team, originally from Santa Rosa. With two years under his belt at Calistoga Bikeshop, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role. As a true mountain biking enthusiast, Ryan's heart belongs to the trails. His favorite local riding spot is Annadale State Park, where he enjoys tackling challenging terrains and soaking in the natural beauty of the area. When he's not at the shop, you might find him exploring the breathtaking trails of Utah's Moab, his preferred riding destination. Beyond the handlebars, Ryan leads an active lifestyle. Whether it's hiking, skiing, or immersing himself in the vibrant world of live music, he thrives on outdoor adventures. This diverse set of interests not only contributes to his well-rounded personality but also enhances his ability to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

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