Why Buy from Us?

You can find the bikes we sell in other places. So why buy from us?

First of all, let us mention that we now offer the following:

Price Match Guarantee

We will match any price for an equal item for sale by an
authorized retailer* that we can verify at the time of purchase.

*Does not include prices found on the Internet or in Catalogs

And while we know how much price matters in today's economy, we still don't feel that price is everything.  We also want to provide you a service, give you something of value beyond the bike. Here’s how . . .

We get you the bike you want.  While other shops often prefer to sell only what’s on hand, we are committed to your total satisfaction. We will not try to put you on a bike that won’t suit your needs. If you’re not sure what you want, we will ask a lot of questions about what you're looking for so we can make a good recommendation. Our goal is to help you select the bike that will truly work for you. Why not try our on-line Bike Finder for starters?

We make sure you are comfortable on the bike.  We use a systematic approach to bike selection . . . every bike, every time. We will not try to put you on a bike that won’t fit you. How? We use a proven fit system to put you on the right-sized bike in the first place, and then fine-tune the touch points: the seat, the pedals, and the handlebar. And if you want to upgrade some things when you buy, we’ll give you trade-in credit on the parts you want to replace. This means your bike will be exactly as you want it. But most importantly, you feel right, every ride.

We prepare your new bike thoroughly.  Our professional mechanics use a multi-step checklist to verify the quality of every bike sold at Calistoga Bikeshop . . . not just the hand-made bikes. We do this so you get the best cycling value possible: a bike that lasts because it’s set up right in the first place, and a bike you want to ride because it just feels right.

We stand behind your bike after the sale. You’ll get a free tune-up after you’ve put some miles on your new bike. We’ll also take care of you by handling minor adjustments during your first year of ownership. We do this to make sure you continue to feel good about your bike.

That’s what we mean by value.